AKC/CKC chihuahua puppies

Chilove Chihuahuas Contract

  I ______________________agree to the terms set forth in this contract with chilove chihuahuas and the breeder Deedra Jenkins the deposit is non refundable , unless the puppy becomes ill or dies in my care, and another puppy of the same sex cannot be provided within 90 days from the date of the death of the puppy. Chilove will promise to deworm your puppy every 2 weeks after the puppy is 2 weeks old and to provide the puppy its first shot at 6wks of age and be vet checked prior to leaving to go to its new home. . I am purchasing a male/female chihuahua long/smooth coat for the amount of ------------------------ a deposit of _______________ has been or will be given and the balance of ______________ will be paid in cash to pick up the puppy when the puppy is 8 weeks of age unless otherwise specified and agreed upon by myself and the breeder. I understand that the deposit of $150.00 is non refundable and will only be given back if the puppy dies while in the care of the breeder. You have 72 hrs to take the puppy to the vet for the 1 yr health guarantee to be valid. We make every effort to eliminate all parasites from your puppy but unfortunately worms are not covered in this contract due to them being so common in dogs/puppies. The one year health guarantee covers puppies with congenital defects. I will refund your full amount of purchase if I cannot provide you another puppy from different parents within 90 days of the return of the puppy with vet statement explaining the congenital defect.

If you purchase limited registration for your puppy AKC papers will only be given after a spay/neuter of your puppy, by a qualified vet, with appropriate documentation from the vet that can be verified. Limited registration is not for breeding purposes at all, they are sold as pet only. Our Chihuahua lines are our own, if a limited puppy is found to have been bred you will be liable for full court proceedings taken against you. We do offer full AKC breeding rights to some breeders, ask and we can discuss it, full rights cost more.  

If your puppy dies within 30 days of taking him/her home we require an autopsy performed from your vet and the cause of death explained, once this information is verified with my vet, you can either select a new puppy or have your total amount of money refunded to you however we will not reimburse for the autopsy fee, but we will cover the office visit fee.

Chilove Chihuahuas has first pick on all litters regardless if a deposit is received for the first choice. If I stud my male out to a female other than my own and receive pick of the litter for that breeding and you are on my waiting list, we reserve the right to first choice for our breeding program. Chilove reserves the right to accept or decline a puppy for sale to a potential owner , some owners may not be suitable for this breed and we reserve the right to determine suitability. If at any time you cannot provide for your puppy anymore we here at Chilove will take the puppy/dog back at no cost to us before you place them in a shelter. Once the puppy leaves our home it is your responsibility we will not be at fault for any damage done to your home or yard that the puppy may cause. We will not take a puppy back due to landlords, allergies, not getting along with other pets, or you simply decide your not ready for a puppy. Our puppies are very well socialized and come to you prespoiled and ready to love..




City, state, zip code:__________________________________

email address:_______________________________________

vet info:____________________________________________

other pets:__________________________________________

Breeder info: Deedra Jenkins  

Phone number: 757-968-4135


Several situations can cause a deposit / full refund of a puppy to occur, here are some..If you put your deposit on a litter, and the pregnancy doesnt take. The deposit is transferable to another litter if you specifically want a puppy from a specific dam then your deposit will be held until that dam is in heat again. If dam is found not to be able to produce a puppy after two successful tries/or one year then a full deposit refund can be given. If a deposit or full refund in cases where the puppy is paid for in full and later no puppy is available to new owner after two successful tries/ or one year the refund will be processed within 60 days of date of notice of the refund, no other fees will be refunded if you used pay pal those fees are your responsibility that is a fee given to you to accomodate your needs not ours, no stamps or shipping methods to get deposit or full amount to us will be refunded. All refunds will either be send back to you through pay pal or sent to you in a postal money order. The actual date the refund is processed I will contact you and let you know its on the way. Once you acknowledge full payment that will conclude our business for this said puppy. If a person is exhibiting anger, is using foul language, offensive, subtle threats are all indications that I would prefer not to do business with you and would choose not to place a puppy in your care...Thanks in advance for your understanding , patience and interest in our dogs..

Deedra V. Jenkins